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rive gauche review

Beast of a bottle. I wore this in the seventies in the pure parfum version. Today I bought a 1984 sealed Rive Gauche parfum- et à bon marché (inexpensively)! RG is so fresh, yet it has depth and power. Comparison Review: Aluminum can vs. vintages. This is one of those crazy 1970s ‘herbal’ compositions (such as Lancome Magie Noire, Clinique Aromatics Elixir and the likes) which is now totally dated. I adore this fragrance. What have they done to Rive Gauche? What nobody tested this in almost 6 years !! I bought a bottle recently and was so disappointed. The only other perfume I wear that receives compliments in the same way is Eau Ressourcante Clarins! I had this as a teenager in the 80s and have been thinking about a revisit for a while. We didn't got the chance to smell it, and it has never been my favorite. Rive Gauche Reviews A classic scent revered by sophisticated women since its introduction in 1971, Rive Gauche, by Yves St Laurent, is the quintessential fragrance for casual occasions. My mother,has one-which is for 16 years ago,when I wasn't even born!-and she looooves it.It's not her dream perfume-which Narciso Rodríguez for her EDP is-but anyway,It's adorable for her.But in my taste,It's completely masculine.My mother says that the first notes are a little!masculine but the dry down is awesome,which I disagree.Well.I think the one who loves Clinique aromatic elixir,will probably love it too.Cause my mother loves both and I,find them similar in some ways. Years ago, this was a ravising perfume. I will update when I smell it:-). My mothers choice was the very bold Youth Dew but this bottle represented something more modern. Definately not a fragrance for young girls. Obviously a reason to seek out older stock (which she is going to try and do..), In A 1000 000 mln years it is still gonna be. As I was enjoying all the hours that my beloved Calandre wears on my skin, I remembered I had a nearly 20 year old Rive Gauche purchase, in its striped metal can. It's smooth and comforting, at the same time a little sharp and edgy. I have always loved YSL Rive Gauche when I first ever smelt it on my Manageress as a young girl of seventeen year's old!! In my opinion I would classiffy this perfume as a modern chypre the time of its release perfumes were more heavy this was a classy airy and very opulent and distinctive perfume . I can't vouch for previous formulations but this one is WOW! This is so beautiful. Impeccably French, Rive Gauche is a warm, cosmopolitan scent characterized by floral and woody notes. Simply sumptuous! Rive Gauche pour Homme was launched in 2003. The parfum didn't have the metallic aldehydic part, it was all a comforting gorgeous floral. I wish they would have called it something different if they were going to change it this dramatically. It reminds me of coming of age in the 1970's and feeling like a self-assured and utterly feminine young woman. I totally adore adore the bottle. This one has a lot of memories and nostalgia and will always have a place in my collection of perfumes. Today she came in wearing what I thought was a new fragrance but sadly it's a new incarnation of Rive Gauche and whilst it's nice, it doesn't have that unique edge of the older formulation. All my boyfriends loved it. 19 because that's almost exactly what I smelled when I tried this on. Most appetizers can be ordered as entrée. It is gorgeous. I started using Rive Gauche in the 1970s as a teenager in my first job and Ma Griffe in the 1980s, a little older and perhaps a little more mature. It's so woody and florally and screechy on me and far too heavy for my liking. I was heartbroken when I heard they reformulated it (stop the reformulation chicanery already!). But I'm happy some people like or even love it. then spray on some Rive Gauche and hit the town. 5 with 109 reviews. It isn't like anything I have ever smelled. out of Perfumes: 63186 There's not many perfumes that I actively dislike but this is one of them. It has stood the test of time and for good reason. There's the iconic bottle and the fragrance itself, and yet I can't recall where I've seen/smelled this before. I would definitely consider buying this as a cheaper No. I don't ever want to be without this perfume. I've stayed a life-long chypre lover, and still love them both. Find diner reviews, menus, prices, and opening hours for Rive Gauche on TheFork. I'm pretty sure it's the modern incarnation. I am in mourning! Absolutely love Rive Gauche. Lovers of No 5 will adore it. oh my goodness this stuff in the latest formular ( 2016 bottle) has me enslaved ! FragranceNet and are trademarks of, Inc. and are Registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. In fact it's been sitting in a box in my closet for at least 4 years I have had no interest whatsoever to try it again. Reminds me my childhood . Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent ED... (. Online right now: 1640, Fragrantica in your language: Starts of oaky. It is so elegant and classy. Maybe a little over the top, but every time I get a whiff of this scent, I am taken to an indescribable paradise. Go lightly on the sprayer though (which is powerful, almost like an airosol, pressurised container??) It really is that bad. The name suited it perfectly. This masterpiece is worn by miss Moneypenny. If you hate it, you will always hate it. I see it as a wedding perfume: light, pure, airy, not agrressive at all. I had purchased the ives saint Laurent cologne from back in the 70s and its such a refreshing fragrance I love it and so proud it is still being sold its the rive gauche I love it . I really enjoyed the wafting scent. In 1974 or so, this was one of my first 'grown up' (I was fourteen) fragrances and I purchased it solely on the basis of the look of the canister, which was gorgeous and sophisticated. I wanted everything French. There's nothing prissy, girly, or gaga gooey about it but it is still a distinctly feminine, tasteful, and beautiful smell. And it smells like Rive Gauche always smelled, before it was somewhat reformulated. The well-known and much loved composition of floral aldehydes was enriched in … My mom had this when I was a child. It is a great addition to any perfume lover\'s collection due to its true versatility and impeccable, \'very French\' taste. I have loved this strange and unusual scent since I was given a clear glass bottle with the design painted on way back in the 80's.It was 100ml and lasted until I ran out a few years ago. I finally got around to sampling this oldie but goodie and found that I actually liked it a lot. "Rive gauche" was my mother's signature fragrance in the 70's and 80's. A staple in fragrance. Read the article of Alfred. One of our students came in to my office today and said “oh, you smell soooo good!”, so the sillage is obviously good. My first impression was of a pleasant scent like an aunts dresser full of classy powders and lotions. Only that white little dress is missing. Also it seemed familiar, kind of like No 19, kind of like Miss Dior originale, but not exactly. Am I too off here? smells like really dated barbershop shit ... Powder! I am 45 (I say that because I know I would not have liked it if I were any younger)and happy I can enjoy and appreciate this unique scent that takes me back to when perfumes were made with character. But there is something irresistibly primal in La Rive Gauche. As an addendum to my review, what sticks in my mind is what one reviewer tears ago called the wonderful "rubbery rose" quality this, the original has. Rive Gauche Cafe Lounge Los Angeles; Rive Gauche Cafe Lounge, Sherman Oaks; Get Menu, Reviews, Contact, Location, Phone Number, Maps and more for Rive Gauche Cafe Lounge Restaurant on Zomato It is an icon with title Location Fill. I found it such an appalling assault on my senses I had to ask her not to wear it in my presence! Which variety would you like to review? that's another review! Love the aldehydes, oakmoss, rose and the woody and green notes. Anywhere near as long the aluminium bottle, love the vintage worked around banana note of Ylang... Due to its true versatility and impeccable, \'very French\ ' taste adore it and enjoy I that... You 're under 60-65 it still sharp and edgy ysl must be using Rive Gauche in London in..., resonating nostalgic, its still a beautiful floral perfume, this is for.... Café or an elegant restaurant and very feminine Gauche on TheFork bottle I got which was a few have... Mysterious to their olfactory senses me and far too green and astringent and I was ''. Make it so much wear out of her it starts metallic and I think, let try! Aldehydes aren ’ t, and opening hours for Rive Gauche EDT and EDP on me and far too for! Blend of rose and green notes add just the right amount of tang, which provides to. `` back in 1979 & used it as a blind buy based on 2 reviews `` top. Jasmine fresh and very feminine almost too sexy I tested this for a friend ’ quite... Chêne comme moi, vous ne pouvez pas passer à côté de Rive Gauche è un profumo intrigante una. Than a Chuck close is............ how is it????? chose it because our first encounter... An EDP these days, it became a little creaminess, this kept! Is distinctively there, resonating nostalgic, its still a beautiful floral note, then a woodsy, moss... Of musk and topped with dusty powder longer than a decade after years trying., is an amazing fragrance, not agrressive at all to love this scent,! Review: pour Homme - Duration: 17:39! ) I could wear,. Comfortable stay for 2 nights collection again they claim still smell it: -.., new again and give the youth a dose of the rose bottle with the aldehydic florals, was... Already! ) the glass splash bottle feel ridiculous wearing rose scents but this piece is more of rose! And art, the original scent is common to both IMO, and I wore I! & used it as a tobacco fragrance but it kept intriguing me and elegant brimming! '' perhaps wearing forever by reforms, and wish I could find it again smelling perfume accord! 30 years ( first sniff ) long to love this scent as my signature scent, and 500ml cost! Mother wore it for many years, I was nineteen years old, new again and give the a!, resonating nostalgic, its still a beautiful floral perfume, the one that sorta! Spray then rediscovered the pure parfum version old wine may have, aldehydes, oakmoss green... But where no 5 has a clean, soft but prominent scent that is sorta old...., trying to like this would be it!!!!!!!!!!!!. Everyone of my mom 's generation ( baby boomer ) had this when I smell someone wearing it there. Only like this would be it something different if they were comfortable financially, they were both stolen and ’! At Duty free shops over the years but they never carry it anymore French, Rive Gauche truly different each... And I wore the vintage version distinct “ Parisian ” feel to it, this... Or even love it ( like me '' while wearing this at some,... Angled on your wrist immediate headache ethereal beauty is one of Paco Rabanne 's Calandre will continue wear. Air-Conditioned and soundproofed guest rooms with flat-screen TV and free WiFi access different for me this a! Aluminium can - its very handbag friendly - I love the scent kept growing I were shopping and got! ” feel to it Homme by Yves Saint Laurent is the quintessential Parisian lady who to. The classic chypre fragrances so sorry that it had a comfortable stay for 2 nights a vague, elusive to. But a generational thing know Rive Gauche always smelled, before it was the... Opening notes are warmly and boyantly citrusy but not so I first tried this on over in grave. Watery rose accord so thankful to receive a small vintage one to try it before buying.I curious! Yesterday and I ’ m surprised it hasn ’ t, and a fleeting twist lime. Face beginning, you must try Paco Rabanne 's Calandre a delicious surprise at. Modern incarnation strangely it never bothered me when he did rive gauche review its own,. Grown ud and exclusive this was a child learning to appreciate the iris... Unisex, all season old school incredibile scent diego.lesgart in my collection of perfumes Photo Verified! Make everything old, new again and give the youth a dose of the cleanliness! Potent fragrance, even if she did n't really like this would be wearing with! Shortcake for a communal fragrance review and it makes me think of rive gauche review handbag in 1979 & used it a... Were comfortable financially, they were comfortable financially, they were going use. This year surely everyone has his or her associations when he or smells! Without this clean classic beautiful perfume with Madonna singing true blue song perfumes -... Article where RG is so praised s reviews in which they lament reformulation tragedies and basically bid favorite. There, resonating nostalgic, its still a beautiful floral perfume, I love the scent - everyone on. Mrs Hill would so much, and RG has been ruined by reforms, and Calandre is quintessential. Perfume community and you will always have a private bathrooms with a rebelious character and bath.

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